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The Whole Story of the Lee family retreat Ark Ni Guangnan executive seats occupied

"See related news, I almost cried." Afternoon of May 30, Zhongguancun an ordinary office, a former ARCA staff met with reporters.

The 863 Project "Ark 3" ran aground because his analysis, a product is generally set aside for two reasons: First, technology can not (can not achieve functional and applications), one market can not (not for profit). Have witnessed in the Ark 1 and 2 of his view, the technical performance of the ark chips is very good, although the application package to do a lot of frustrations encountered.

"Technology has always followed the progress of the market, but I do not understand why the company has been reluctant to expand in the market." Talking about the Ark of the market, except to marvel at the staff.

Ni Guangnan the "Ark" fate

First to see the embedded CPU market prospects of domestic, is Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan.

"That was in September 1999." May 30, Ni Guangnan once again accepted to be interviewed.

According to Ni, who recalls that, Lide Lei suddenly find him help. And early access to ICT in Lide Lei when the graduate program, NI Lee two already familiar. "He was very eager to find me, that get inside information, Hitachi U.S. suddenly stopped all the projects outsourced to BBT, and then asked me how to do."

It is worth noting at this time Lide Lei Hitachi Semiconductor companies are still working. Although the business information BBT was Lide Lei does not hold shares of BBT, but Lee has been introduced for the BBT from Hitachi Semiconductor outsourcing companies are also single-handedly manage the transformation of the work of BBT.

"Although Hitachi's project was not finished, but I found through this project, BBT in compiler design, chip design and operating system design talent is already accumulation of sound, basic CPU technology with independent R & D capabilities." Said Ni Guangnan .

Lide Lei Ni Guangnan agreed to the proposal. Subsequently, the Ni come forward to assist the BBT to find venture capital.

March 8, 2000, Beijing, SMIC Microsystems Technology Co., Ltd. ("ARCA" predecessor) was incorporated in Beijing. Legal persons still continue to use the BBT Hu Ming has a registered capital of 6 million yuan. Among them, the Lide Lei Li Dejing brother, sister-in-Zhang Yajun were holding 35% of the shares, the remaining 30% owned by BBT old shareholders Zhao Jianxun, Hu Ming has shared equally.

May 2000, brokered by Ni Guangnan, a keen investor in Shenzhen to support private entrepreneurs willing SMIC slight CPU R & D, then the first document as much as 20 million yuan of funds credited into account.

April 2001, Ark 1, R & D success. May 2001, officially took up Ni SMIC Microsystems vice president of strategic market for SMIC micro do the preliminary work to expand the market. In July, after a high-level expert technical appraisal meeting, held jointly by four ministries and a grand conference, creating a sensation.

After that, the state began to invest large sums of money to support Ark 1, 2, research and development.

"Ark 1" 3 customers

July 2001, the various efforts in the Ni Guangnan, SMIC Beijing Yuxing micro-technology companies to become the first customer - Yuxing company decided to enter the Ark 1, NC market.

At that time, almost all domestic enterprises accustomed to using Intel and AMD as to provide a wealth of supporting applications, and provides the chip-chip solution. Thus, while a good ark 1 performance, but the use of self-designed architecture of the CPU chip, market development is very difficult.

But surprisingly, in Yuxing put in hundreds of million, the SMIC micro eventually to "refuse to supply" returns the first customer.

The reasons do not do, a number of interview before the ark all that innocent employees, "President Lee said do not do not do." The person running the market Ni Guangnan, which is also very confused, "Yuxing pull my personal credit to, Lide Lei single run to it, very heavy blow to me."

October 2001, Ni Guangnan suddenly resigned, but he did not explain why reporters.

November 2001, SMIC began with the second micro-clients, another network computer maker "National Wing" co-operation. Interestingly, people familiar with the memories of co-operation has not yet to a year, in October 2002, "Lee said do not do the president."

By this time, after the ROC government, Digital surface, this is the third micro SMIC customers. According to media reports, in November 2002 in April, the two sides held a grand press conference, Digital China announced the official launch on the same day No. 1 on the Ark of the network computer.

December 2002, Ark 2, a high-profile market. At this time the Ark 2 already incorporates many system-chip peripheral modules. "Ark 1, the initial market development is indeed very difficult, but force the ark face the real needs of the market, the fact that the market reaction on the Ark 2 has changed." Evaluation of a source.

Later, Lenovo, BOE, Tai Fung, the Great Wall and other famous manufacturers to follow suit. By 2003, won in the government procurement network of computer chips are used the ark. At this point, SMIC has changed for the Ark of Microsystem Technology, reputation peaked in the country.

Ark face changing moment

Ark former senior staff have said that from 2002 to 2003, in addition to network-based computer sales, Ark CPU sales did not achieve a breakthrough.

"NC major push by the government, President Lee as long as do government on the line, do not need any marketing. So the company has been marketing personnel shock, after separation from Ni Guangnan constantly changing, and some days as also marketing canceled. "the employee said.

With the NC was gradually proved to be applicable starting from the end of 2003, NC fade out from the government procurement. Ark CPU sales also began to be affected.

The Ark staff believe that this directly led Lide Lei had to give up the idea of CPU, "even before the government procurement list, as in the promotion period, the Ark of the rewards that much." He disclosed that the Ark in 2002 and 2003, the book income -800 million in seven million yuan between the "basic unprofitable."

"Only network computer, in fact, limit the Ark of the performance of the chip market, but the Ark was based on the network computer CPU is so angry, so Ark technology, no other market has a good development." Insiders Analysis .

Senior staff at the Ark seems, embedded CPU market capacity can not be questioned. Lide Lei reason to abandon the "Ark 3", "after all he is a businessman holding a foreign passport, making outsourcing used to make quick money, the pursuit of the business is clearly higher than the CPU for the understanding of the importance of domestic."

"Ark around the beginning of 2005 to work as PHS." Insiders said the Ark to get a U.S. technology company millions of dollars in outsourcing.

According to reports, this U.S. company called Spansion, the Ark of technology to provide millions of dollars in project funding, the Ark of technology to make PHS (PHS), and FLASH. Because it was not good at communication technology, intellectual property PHS also purchased from abroad, and then developed in the domestic reform.

Prior to this, Lide Lei began publicly stated on various occasions in the Zhongguancun give up CPU. Thus, a design company doing outsourcing, China's experiencing the core of the glorious 5 years after the return to the same route.

At the same time, business data, in February 2005, Ark technology to adjust the board, except in the Zhongguancun Software Park and the Shenzhen Wei Industrial Co., still retains a location other than the directors, Li 3 people - including Lide Lei, Li Dejing his brother, wife and brother Wang Su , occupied the other three executive seats.

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Intellectual Property Office officials criticized the BSA does not demonstrate their piracy rate in

May 27 message, the State Intellectual Property Office Zhang Qin, deputy director, 26 pm in "2008 China's software piracy rate survey" news conference, criticized the foreign body the Business Software Alliance (BSA) "Each year, refused to" with China released software piracy rate fertilization of ideas and debate.

BSA annual publication of the world's software piracy rate in many countries the data, it is much higher than the domestic institutions of survey data. Example in 2008, BSA released computer software piracy in China was 80%, while a third party Intellectual Property Office commissioned the survey data obtained correspond to 29%.

Zhang Qin said that third-party agencies from four years ago, the domestic software piracy rate in the investigation report for each year invited to participate in the report of the assessment BSA, BSA access to Intellectual Property Office, he is also good to remind each other's exchanges with domestic institutions, if the data inconsistency can be open debate, mutual learning, but the BSA refused to year.

"Our survey methodology, survey data are public, we accept domestic and foreign institutions of public oversight." Zhang Qin said the investigation from the start four years ago, he was asked to investigate body on an open, scientific, religious, not to " wiping red ", not to defend himself, but to grasp the real data to make scientific decisions and guidance.

Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, said Ni Guangnan, BSA's survey, only 100 people per country, which for a 100 million computer users in China is not appropriate. Ni Guangnan and the China Software Industry Association, all Hu, Kunshan, and other experts said the domestic survey data are objective, it is worthy of belief.

IDC, commissioned by BSA and its not yet comment on the remarks.

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Essays on CMMI [1]

Agile and CMMI are contradictions

First, it should consider the issue of why the implementation of CMMI, if only so that access to PassPort many words do not have to talk about after. But the real purpose is to reduce software development or should the total life cycle cost point of view of the development of this use should be a medium-term or long-term considerations. If the cost of implementing the CMMI is not reduced, it can only say that the failure of the implementation of CMMI is to do whatever the majority of KPA, the number of output documents, the number of process improvements.

For agile or rapid development, if too much reliance on an individual heroism, but the concept is bound and CMMI is contradictory. If the idea is to improve the use of agile development efficiency, reduce development costs, consider the long-term software development costs, and CMMI idea that is consistent. Difference is only in what you need to focus on KPA, output requirements of the above material, which can be resolved by cutting. Organization-level process definition is generic, the project must be cut according to their own situation.

CMMI 5 of the realm issues

Any organization will encounter an endless stream of new problems, the key is to form a set of self-identification, analysis and problem-solving process. In the five companies have formed self-improvement PDCA or IDEAL cycle to achieve sustainable self-improvement. Organization is adaptive, self-learning organizations. If you do not have this self-diagnosis or learning purposes, it is always up to the level of less than five, to five representatives to be able to resolve their own problems their own level, and this problem is not the old problem but a variety of new problems that need you follow the relevant procedure or methodology to resolve.

Question on the accuracy of estimates

The estimate can not be 100% accurate, focus is at an acceptable error range. Such as software project has not developed specific software needs to complete it is difficult to estimate is accurate, must take the time to estimate accurately, this time is actually a detailed software requirements and functionality. So, still need to estimate the cost-benefit analysis, input to estimate the additional workload to increase the estimation precision is necessary. Regardless of category, expert method, three-point method or function point method, there is no question who's good and who bad, the key question is which high accuracy. Why CMMI Sometimes stress function point estimation, focus is to make the estimates more dependent on the process rather than the individual.

On the job roles and division of labor

How to divide the role of the post, more details to complete the division of labor is a question of balance. Balance the goal is to develop efficiency and quality. The more you post the division of labor the greater the cost of communication, information distortion may be greater, need more review, Review and configuration management. However, the benefits of division of labor is to support large-scale operations, after the division of refinement reduced the role of the individual skill levels need to rely on the division of labor to facilitate flow of refined operation. For large software projects need to emphasize this point, need to be professionals rather than generalists, generalists is likely to give everything to understand but can not write.

The importance of the process

In the highly sophisticated enterprise, the process is the use of information technology means to precipitate, and can minimize reliance on human consciousness, and reduce monitoring costs, improve execution, and the greatest degree of reduction of duplication of efforts, to bring the data to avoid the accumulation of statistical problems caused by manual calculation. So people in the organization is more dependent on the process or procedures in doing things, rather than relying on personal experience in doing things. Enterprises need to innovate, but decided not need everyone to be innovative.

If the business has always been at the stop-gap measure of the state. Is entirely in a passive, beaten and fire state. The best defense is attack, the best way of doing things is the principle of preventive measures. If the problem has always been good at identifying the root causes, to prevent the problem would always take the initiative.

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Adobe is very fragile, then Photoshop it?

Adobe has been so many exploits, they will hand over control of the computer intruder. However, Adobe always quick fix, so rarely be greater hazards.

Adobe Bridge make a case to take it there is a loophole allows the user to receive more power and control computer. Yesterday Adobe released a security advisory had a serious flaw, which affects the 7.x version.

Well, we know that Adobe Photoshop is the most important product suite is the most widely used of a product, the latest CS3 version is also forthcoming. Now, Adobe are a large number of attacks, Photoshop security Mody, trustworthy What?

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Versed in pop-up window for ASP.NET

As Microsoft's latest tools to create dynamic Web sites, ASP.NET compared to ASP and JSP Web Programming in changing the way the original had made great strides grow. Its code and page separation technology (CodeBehind) and a good Web server control for the programmer to provide a more in keeping with the traditional server-side Web programming development methods. However, traditional Web programming or programming with different characteristics, which determine the ASP.NET programming must be some special skills to complete the program requirements, pop-up window is representative of the way of such programming. A lot of programming books on the pop-up window with the words to silent or off, seems to see the great use of pop-up window, but heaven and earth. This will pop-up window, you unlock most of the problems in use.

In order to improve site access concurrency and throughput, as with other server script, ASP.NET also uses a client-side script to ease server stress. ASP.NET now (version 1.1) does not directly support the pop-up windows, must javascript (or VBScript) to use client-side pop-up window.

First, a warning window and in the CodeBehind in a way using client script

In the browser to pop up a simple warning window, you can use the javascript statement:

window.alert ([sMessage])

Which, sMessage is message. Unfortunately, such a pop-up window is only an "OK" button, and can only play a role in tips. If we want to delete the record when asked about the pop-up a pop-up window, then you need to use:

bConfirmed = window.confirm ([sMessage])

Where: bConfirmed is the return value, sMessage is message. The pop-up window there are two options: "OK" or "abandoned", the return value of their choice on the bConfirmed, the available code to make judgments.

In order to improve code reusability and readability, should enable javascript and Codehind fused with each other. There are usually two ways to achieve such results.

(1) use Response.Write method:

Use the ASP Response.Write method early era have been supported. It can write client code is a very convenient and intuitive way. The following code demonstrates how to use the Response.Write method to display a warning message.

Private Sub btAlert_Click (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btAlert.Click

'Response.Write method and the alert window shows.

Response.Write ("")

End Sub

(2) the use of RegisterXXX method

If you look at the generated HTML code Response.Write, you will find Response.Write method to generate the code is written to the beginning of the HTML code that tag. At this point, all the HTML objects are not generated, if it is to use the HTML within the object, and interact with, there will be "object not found" error. Therefore, I recommend a more consistent way ---- CodeBehind way to use RegisterXXX method. RegisterXXX include: RegisterClientScriptBlock, RegisterStartupScript and used to determine the IsStartupScriptRegistered function.

RegisterStartupScript prototype is:

Overridable Public Sub RegisterStartupScript (_

ByVal key As String, _

ByVal script As String _


Including: key that uniquely identifies the script, script string representing the script.

Prototype and RegisterStartupScript RegisterClientScriptBlock the same two functions is to contain different script code is written to the HTML file a different location. RegisterClientScriptBlock elements in the Page object issued immediately after the opening tag of client-side script, RegisterStartupScript is the element in the Page object tag issued before the end of the script. If your scripts have the page object (doucument objects) to interact with the statement (which we later see examples), the recommended RegisterStartupScript, otherwise if it is to client-side script execution as early as possible, you can use RegisterClientScriptBlock or Response.Write.

In order to prevent repeated by adding the script in the page in the registration script ReisterStartupScript / RegisterClientScriptBlock registered to use the key as the Key, then the program can be used to judge IsClientScriptBlockRegistered.

The following example will demonstrate the use RegisterClientScriptBlock to confirm the use.

Private Sub btConfirm_Click (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btConfirm.Click

'Presentation method and confirm the window RegisterClientScriptBlock

If (Not IsClientScriptBlockRegistered ("clientScript")) Then

'Determine whether the script has been added, not the join.

Dim strScript As String

strScript = ""

'Register script

RegisterClientScriptBlock ("clientScript", strScript)

'If you select "No", then continues.

1, pop-up page specified

Light a prompt window is still far from meeting our requirements, in the process, we often need to specify the pop-up page. At this point you can use javascript's method. With the previous RegisterClientSciptBlock way, we can achieve the specified pop-up page.

The following code shows how to specify the pop-up page:

Private Sub btWinOpen_Click (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btWinOpen.Click

'Using and registerStartupScript simple demonstration.

If (Not IsClientScriptBlockRegistered ("OpenScript")) Then

'Determine whether the script has been added, not the join.

Dim strScript As String = ""

RegisterStartupScript ("OpenScript", strScript)

End If

End Sub

Uses way to pop a new page, only one parameter: the new pop-up window URL address. The fact that there are more parameters in method, but this is javascipt simple, and we will not be detailed here Annotated. If you have a related issue, please consult MSDN.

This procedure be used directly in IE everything is normal. But if you are using the class as GoSurf, MyIE2, NetCapter like the browser, then, unfortunately! You will not see the pop-up window. This is what we will be discussing the issue pop-up filter.

Second, non-standard IE browser pop-up discussion of the filtration behavior

The overflowing window advertising unbearable overwhelming number of Internet users have to give up the standard of advertising harassment to use IE browser, such as GoSurf, MyIE2, NetCapter this page using the IE core and multi-screen advertising the software automatically. It is said that the upcoming release of IE6 sp2 in the Microsoft ad window to join the block function. This is a good thing that most Internet users, of course, be for the programmer, the way we use pop-ups and general advertising is not essentially different, so the window will be pop-up window manager indiscriminate white block, the results of course, we do not want to see. Is there a standard way to make a normal pop-up window then? This requires that we understand the browser to block ads principle. Typically uses ad blocking ads filtering the following three ways:

(1), based on window title block approach

In the reference [1] presents a window title filtering based on block means. Its principle is to regularly check all of the IE window title, and then have some on list (maintained by the program, an array list) to compare, if the same, we will close this window. Obviously, this approach has many defects, it blocked all the pop-up windows, tightly managed, very few actually use the program. However, according to the deformation it down fairly common use. That is, based on the window title name of the smart filter technology, which is under the title of pop-up window containing the keywords on the ad ban, which has made to improve the filtering effect of the exploration well.

(2), based on window type and location of block mode

Reference [2] presents a window class and location-based blocking mode. Its analysis of the normal browser window class name is IEFRAME and CabinetWClass, and ad window class name is CabinetWClass. Further analysis found that: ad window WorkerA classes and Shell DocObject View class values are the same, normal IE window WorkerA classes and Shell DocObject View class values are not the same. Based on the above two procedures can write a killer ad.

In fact, I have the program universal skepticism. Because I used Spy + + analysis found that in Windows2000 (I use the operating system) in, IE window class for the IEFrame. Also, because Win2000 is a Unicode based operating system code, so there is no WorkerA class, and to WorkerW class instead. At the same time, there was no not the same situation, because I did not WindowsXP operating system, it can not be further tests for WindowsXP.

(3), based on IE COM component block approach

These two methods are the IE window as a normal Windows window treatment, to judge. In fact, IE is a typical browser-based COM components, all browser based on IE core files are packaged shdocvw.dll, and then writing a corresponding BHO code. The only way to achieve real control of IE browser, not the method of one or two such and inadequate.

Reference [3] presents a pop-up based on IE kernel block method. It can block pop-ups before they open. The principle is: when IE opens a new window will be triggered when NewWindow event, the Executive OnNewWindow2 ([out] IDispatch *, [out] BOOL * bCancel) method. Override this method to determine whether to open a new window incident occurred in the view after the page has been downloaded. If so, that is, a normal pop-up window, contrary to intercept.

Browser such as Gosurf override Shocvm.dll component itself, so use the third method, it naturally became a matter of course. However, sometimes in the course of discovery, ad filter is not perfect, but the basic principle of the case.

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Beautiful images grabbed

Analysis: Xiaoyu Columbia

Download the software now much can be said after another, dazzling. Which software you know is you really need it? We present below several popular screenshot software, I hope you can find that really fit your own paragraph.

1.HyperSnap-DX Pro

Not to mention HyperSnap-DX Pro did a very good screen capture function, a single interception forms, simple operation, supported image formats comprehensive enough to attract a large number of users. The image editing features is its another feature of the screenshot and edit images to achieve the "perfect match." HyperSnap powerful, professional and attractive features, the software has been regarded as a classic shot.


SnagIt! Is an old screenshot of the software, its name is legendary among users, this screenshot of the software to intercept pictures, edit images and manage images for a triple, and further expansion of the screenshots of the content, the scope will be extended to capture text and image areas, the scope is very suitable for use by those who need shots.

3.UltraSnap Pro

UtraSnap Pro screenshot relatively commonly used software, although the small size, functionality is very powerful, and it absorbed the other screenshot software, the advantages of easy and convenient operation. UltraSnap function can not be very powerful, but the shots, editing done quite perfect. The interception of the picture, we often need to intercept that portion of focused, may also need to be preserved after partial treatment, this time UltraSnap is your best choice.

4.Capture Professional

This is the Creative Softworx company produced a good shot of strong software functionality, users can use the screenshot guide, hot keys and menus screenshots. Software to capture up to 12 kinds of ways, including manual, automatic or other use of capture wizard. The capture software suitable for all ages, any user can, through its tools to capture images of different shapes and easy to edit.

5.Flash 32

Flash32 can be said that all the screenshots software synthesizer, the software provides a screenshot of a variety of ways, the capture operation includes both capture and create animations. There is no doubt, Flash32 feature a rich and powerful, of course, also a relatively complicated set of primary users are likely to lose them and not know why they are recommended for advanced users.

6.Super Capture

This is a screenshot of the software made good, for a screenshot of the software, the most important thing in screenshot function. Super Capture offers many ways to capture, for example, may be the most common full screen capture, it can be the interception of a region, or even irregular polygon area.


HotShot is a unique tool drawings can capture desktop, active window or selected area, the most value is to copy the results can be sent via E-mail, which allows us to easily share pictures, or different coding area to facilitate interoperability Email.


Its biggest feature is probably both drawings, pictures and simple image processing functions. It can achieve full-screen, the entire window, the current active window, window work area, the screen any region, fixed region, and the clipboard in the form of drawings. I think one of the best or "any screen area" means that screenshot.

9.Capture Express 2000

Capture Express 2000 is a screen image interception software, which in addition to other images with the same software can intercept interception full screen, window, rectangular area of the screen image, etc., it can also intercept circle, star, square, polygon, etc. various shapes of the region, is a more distinctive software.

10.Print Screen Deluxe

New ideas and a rich feature set at a screenshot of the software new favorite Print Screen Deluxe, which runs on Windows 95/98 platform, its amazing shots functional and attractive, convenient management of amazing.

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AC3 WAVE Maker

AC3 WAVE Maker - Rip audio files from CDs to your hard drive and saving them as WAV and MP3 (including VBR). Record digital audio tracks directly from compact discs without going through your sound card. AC3 WAVE Maker enables you to make high-quality copies of CD music. Retrieve CD information from CD database. Extract audio from avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, asf, mov files. Convert multiple wma, mp2, mp1, vox, raw, pcm, gsm, adpcm, ogg, mpc, mp+, qt, g721, g726, g723 files to mp3 and wav. Easy-to-use Windows XP theme user interface.
Convert MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM files on your local network (LAN). Free technical support for registered users. Free upgrades and fixes. Fast LAN scanning engine. Save & export playlist options

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