Saturday, October 9, 2010

Essays on CMMI [1]

Agile and CMMI are contradictions

First, it should consider the issue of why the implementation of CMMI, if only so that access to PassPort many words do not have to talk about after. But the real purpose is to reduce software development or should the total life cycle cost point of view of the development of this use should be a medium-term or long-term considerations. If the cost of implementing the CMMI is not reduced, it can only say that the failure of the implementation of CMMI is to do whatever the majority of KPA, the number of output documents, the number of process improvements.

For agile or rapid development, if too much reliance on an individual heroism, but the concept is bound and CMMI is contradictory. If the idea is to improve the use of agile development efficiency, reduce development costs, consider the long-term software development costs, and CMMI idea that is consistent. Difference is only in what you need to focus on KPA, output requirements of the above material, which can be resolved by cutting. Organization-level process definition is generic, the project must be cut according to their own situation.

CMMI 5 of the realm issues

Any organization will encounter an endless stream of new problems, the key is to form a set of self-identification, analysis and problem-solving process. In the five companies have formed self-improvement PDCA or IDEAL cycle to achieve sustainable self-improvement. Organization is adaptive, self-learning organizations. If you do not have this self-diagnosis or learning purposes, it is always up to the level of less than five, to five representatives to be able to resolve their own problems their own level, and this problem is not the old problem but a variety of new problems that need you follow the relevant procedure or methodology to resolve.

Question on the accuracy of estimates

The estimate can not be 100% accurate, focus is at an acceptable error range. Such as software project has not developed specific software needs to complete it is difficult to estimate is accurate, must take the time to estimate accurately, this time is actually a detailed software requirements and functionality. So, still need to estimate the cost-benefit analysis, input to estimate the additional workload to increase the estimation precision is necessary. Regardless of category, expert method, three-point method or function point method, there is no question who's good and who bad, the key question is which high accuracy. Why CMMI Sometimes stress function point estimation, focus is to make the estimates more dependent on the process rather than the individual.

On the job roles and division of labor

How to divide the role of the post, more details to complete the division of labor is a question of balance. Balance the goal is to develop efficiency and quality. The more you post the division of labor the greater the cost of communication, information distortion may be greater, need more review, Review and configuration management. However, the benefits of division of labor is to support large-scale operations, after the division of refinement reduced the role of the individual skill levels need to rely on the division of labor to facilitate flow of refined operation. For large software projects need to emphasize this point, need to be professionals rather than generalists, generalists is likely to give everything to understand but can not write.

The importance of the process

In the highly sophisticated enterprise, the process is the use of information technology means to precipitate, and can minimize reliance on human consciousness, and reduce monitoring costs, improve execution, and the greatest degree of reduction of duplication of efforts, to bring the data to avoid the accumulation of statistical problems caused by manual calculation. So people in the organization is more dependent on the process or procedures in doing things, rather than relying on personal experience in doing things. Enterprises need to innovate, but decided not need everyone to be innovative.

If the business has always been at the stop-gap measure of the state. Is entirely in a passive, beaten and fire state. The best defense is attack, the best way of doing things is the principle of preventive measures. If the problem has always been good at identifying the root causes, to prevent the problem would always take the initiative.

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